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How to Reset Story Planner iCloud Data?

If you have checked all the steps to make sure your sync configuration is correct, but you can sync your projects yet, you can try to reset the Story Planner iCloud Data.


Before reseting the Story Planner iCloud Data, please make a copy of your backup outside iCloud Drive. This step is only for safety, but it's very important for you not to lose your data, so please be sure the file is really stored in a safe place, other than iCloud Drive.

So please open Story Planner on the device you have all your projects updated. Then create a manual backup

Your manual backup will be stored in iCloud Drive > Story Planner > Backups. You can access it with the app Files if you are on your iPhone or iPad, or with Finder if you are on your Mac.

Please open that path and copy the backup on a safe place outside iCloud Drive. For example, you can send it to yourself via email or store it on your computer desktop.

Reset Story Planner iCloud Data

Once you have your backup in a safe place, please follow the steps below:

First, disable iCloud sync for the app on all your devices. To do so go to the app settings:

And turn off "Enable Synchronization":

Now open your device settings to delete Story Planner iCloud Data:

Your name:

Then go into "iCloud":

Open "Manage Storage":

Look for Story Planner and open it:

Now tap "Delete Documents & Data":

Now wait a few minutes for the changes to propagate. 

Then enable iCloud Sync again on all your devices.

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