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Do I need a separate purchase for the iPad, iPhone, and Mac?

The app is universal for iPad and iPhone, but not for Mac. If you want Story Planner on all your devices, you have to purchase it separately for iOS and macOS. However, for each platform, you can install the app on multiple devices on the same platform. For example, if you purchase the Mac version of Story Planner, you can install it on all your Mac computers. Additionally, we have enabled Family Sharing on iOS and macOS so you can share your purchase with family members.

Please note that Apple has not added the Universal Purchase option for Mac App Store and App Store platforms until 2019. This option is only available for new apps, meaning that we would have to remove the old macOS app from the Mac App Store and create a new one with the same ID as the iOS app. Doing this, we would be leaving everyone who had bought Story Planner for macOS over the years with no possible updates. They would have to purchase it again, and we consider it's not fair for them either.

Also, we would have to set a new price for the Universal Purchase. The iOS App Store and the macOS App Store are different platforms. They require independent development for each version of the app, as well as maintenance and support. A universal price would make the iOS version more expensive if you, for example, only want Story Planner on your iOS devices.

Those are the reasons why we offer separate purchases. We hope you understand.