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Do I need separate purchases for the iPad, iPhone, and Mac?

Here's how to get Story Planner for each of your devices:

Why a different price for Mac?

Please note that the price of the Mac version is slightly higher than the iOS version. The reason is that the development for macOS and iOS is independent, and the Mac version development is more complicated and time-consuming. Besides, we chose the option of two separate prices instead of a higher universal price because we know that many users only need one of the two platforms. This way, they don't need to pay a higher price to use Story Planner only on iOS/iPadOS or macOS. We hope you understand.

Can I try Story Planner before buying it?

There is no trial version right now, but you can check out our help page or contact our support team with questions on how the app works. If you end up not linking Story Planner after a purchase, you can ask Apple for a refund.