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How can I export my projects into Scrivener for iOS?

Just open the project you want to export and tap the ... icon:

A new menu will show up. Select "Export Project": 

Now you will see the export tool. Tap on 'File Format' to change the format to export:

Now choose Scrivener and back to the previous screen:

Finally, choose "Scrivener 3":

You will see the iOS Actions Menu then. Save the file on Files:

Then choose the folder On My iPhone > Scrivener and save the file there (this folder will be On My iPad > Scrivener if you are using an iPad. You can also choose the folder Scrivener > Dropbox if you use Dropbox to sync your Scrivener app):

Once the file is exported, you will need to open the app Files and navigate to the folder where you saved it. As you can see, the exported file is in .zip format:

You can not open a zip file on Scrivener for iOS. You have to unzip it first. So touch and hold over the zip file until you see a menu like the one below:

Now you will have two files, the compressed .zip one and the .scriv one. You can delete the zip one and then touch over the .scriv:

Now you can open Scrivener for iOS. Your project will be there, waiting for you to start working on it.

Happy Writing!