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How can I print my projects?

Just open the project you want to print and tap the ... icon:

A new menu will show up. Select "Print Project": 

Follow the instructions of Apple Printer Options. Please be aware you will need a Printer connected to your macOS or iOS device. If you are using iOS, you will need a Printer that supports Air Print:

How to Customize Your Project to Print It

When you print your project in Story Planner, you will get a default file. You cannot adjust this file yet. We want to add more options for you to choose what you want to print in the future, but in the meantime, you can select the option "Export project" instead of "Print Project." 

When you export your project to PDF or Word, Story Planner offers you many configuration options. Thus, you can choose what you want to export and how. Then you only have to print the resulting file to get your projects on paper your way.

Happy Writing!