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How to customize my writing projects?

Did you know that you can change the configuration of your project to suit the way you write? You just have to open the main tab of your project and go to the Project Settings section:

You can change the structure division in your project and choose between Acts, Chapters, Parts, or Episodes:

That will affect the structure division in the scene list, Revision Mode, and scene cards:

Returning to the Project Settings, you can also decide which fields you want to show in each section of the project:

For example, on the character cards, you can choose only a few fields to display:

And this is how it will look when you open a character card:

Tips and More

Of course, you can change these settings as many times as you want and adapt them to your projects or your different writing phases. You can also create a custom project as a template to start working on a new idea more quickly. Learn how to do it in the links below.

How to Manage Project Templates:

How to Duplicate a Project:

Working with Project Tags:

Organizing Elements in Story Planner: