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How to Work Better With Story Planner on an iPad

If you have already tried it, you will have noticed that the iPad is a uniquely productive device. It offers you freedom of movement and an intuitive interface. At the same time, the fleet of accessories makes it a powerful tool. More and more writers are using the iPad as their primary writing tool these days. That's why we built Story Planner to be a great iPad app, incorporating many of the best features available in iPadOS. And it gets even better with iPadOS 15. Check out some powerful, productive tricks for working with Story Planner on an iPad.


With iPadOS, you can work with more than one app at the same time. You can also open different parts of Story Planner side-by-side. You can take advantage of this tool in many ways. For example, you can work on a new project while checking an old one. You can also work on your scenes or characters while reviewing your notes. And you can write your manuscript in Pages or Scrivener while consulting your outlining in Story Planner, all in one screen view!

Also, you can have different Story Planner spaces open at the same time and navigate through them with the App Exposé tool:

Learn how to use multitasking on your iPad here:

Quick Notes

When you are working on a project in Story Planner, you may need to make a note to remember in your next writing session. With iPadOS 15, now you can swipe up from the bottom right corner of the display using your finger or Apple Pencil. Now you can create a quick note and link it to that part of the project in Story Planner.

The next time you open that window, the note will show up for you!

Scribble and Apple Pencil

Did you know that writing by hand makes use of large regions of the brain involved in language, thinking and working memory? Handwriting will keep you active, focused, and more creative! Luckily, you can write by hand in Story Planner with your Apple Pencil, and your handwriting converts to text directly.

Keyboard Shortcuts

There are plenty of shortcuts in Story Planner, and they are different depending on the screen you are on. If you want to check the available shortcuts, press and hold the command key (cmd ⌘) on your keyboard. You will see a screen like this one:

Check the complete list of keyboard shortcuts here:

Drag and Drop

You can drag photos from any app or even Safari to a character or location card in Story Planner. You can also drag chunks of selected text into a Story Planner text field, which is generally faster than the copy and paste process.

And Many More...

We hope these tips will help take your writing to new heights. Of course, these are only some of the tools available to improve your productivity with Story Planner on your iPad. But there are many more and we can't wait for you to try them. We'd love to hear your own tips on Twitter, Youtube, or directly at