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I’m having trouble syncing my projects

Story Planner automatically syncs your projects to all devices. If you notice missing projects or updates, here are some troubleshooting steps you can try.


Check Apple's iCloud status page

Sometimes sync problems come down to iCloud having trouble. Apple maintains a service status page for this matter. You can check there if sync is not working.

About time for synchronizations

Please be aware that sometimes it may take a while for the app to sync, specially if there are large images in the projects or the internet connection is slow.

If you are syncing for the first time with a new device and you have many projects, or the projects have large pictures, it is possible that Story Planner needs some minutes to finish its first sync. Please leave the app open (not in the background) for a while to help it complete the sync.

The time needed for this initial sync to finish will vary depending on your internet connection. We recommend connecting to the fastest Wi-Fi hotspot you have available and wait a few minutes for the the app to sync.

The configuration is correct but the sync still doesn't work

Ok. Don't worry. Let's try something else:

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