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How can I export my project into Scrivener?

Don't worry. It's easy. Just open the project you want to export and tap the ... icon:

A new menu will show up. Select "Export Project": 

Now you will see the export tool. Tap on 'File Format' to change the format to export:

Now choose Scrivener and back to the previous screen:

Finally, choose "Scrivener 2" or "Scrivener 3", depending on the version you have installed on your computer:

Save the file on your computer. Go to that file, right-click on the mouse > Open with > Scrivener.

Happy Writing!

What if I want to export my projects to Scrivener for iOS?

Do not worry. You can also do it. Just follow the steps in the link below:

How can I export my projects into Scrivener for iOS?