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Working with Projects Tags

You have probably noticed that your projects have a section dedicated to tags. You will see the tags assigned to a project or the "No tags" message if the project has no tags assigned. 

You can easily organize your tags from within a project. Just open one of your projects and tap over the tags field. Any tag you create in a project will be available for all the projects in the app.

The screen to edit the tags will show you the list of all tags available for all your projects:

You can delete or edit a tag by swiping your finger to left:

You can also tap over the name of the tag to enter the edition mode:

Finally, you can also select tags to assign them to the project you are in by choosing the button to the left of each tag:

These tags will be assigned to your project and show on the main screen:

Filter the lists with the search and filter bar

Once you have your projects organized by tags, you can filter and organize the list of projects. Swipe down your finger over the list to make the search and filter bar appears:

TIP: You can also use a shortcut keyboard (Cmd+F) if you are working on the iPad and Mac. 

Besides, you can use the tags button to see the projects with some specific tags. When a tag filter is on, you will see the tags button in red and the list of the chosen tags to filter at the left of the buttons:

Sort the List

You can also sort the list by name, modification date or default (you can rearrange your items by drag and drop them) with the sort button. When a sort filter is on, you will see the sort button in red:

Choose the Right Tab

Please be aware of the actual tab when you search or filter. You will see all the projects with those tags, or search terms, only if you are in the "all projects" tab. If you want a more specific filter, change to the "in progress" or the "completed" tab: