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How do I organize elements in Story Planner?

Creating and rearranging items

Organize your items in Story Planner is easy and intuitive. To create a new element (project, character, location, plot or scene) you just have to tap the + icon at the right bottom of the screen.

To rearrange a element in a list of elements, you just have to touch and hold the element you want to move until you see it is selected:

Then just drag and drop the item. 

You can also drag and drop scenes from one act to another in the list of scenes.

Deleting items

To delete an item, you just have to swipe your finger to the left over the item you want to delete and tap the trash icon (on iOS):

If you are working on Mac, then you have to press right-click on the mouse to see the delete menu:


Organizing Projects in Story Planner

As you will see, the menu when you swipe to left (or right-click on Mac) is different for projects compared to other items. You have more options to organize a project on Mac ...

... and on iPhone:

The Project Menu lets you set a project as completed or in progress (to a better organization of your projects). You can also export and print your projects, delete them it and duplicate it to make a copy or create a template.

Swipe Menu on iPad

On iPad you will also see an Open icon when you swipe to left over an item:

This button allows you to quickly access to Split View and multiple windows on iPad.

Working with Tags

You have probably noticed that your projects have a section dedicated to tags, where you can see the tags assigned to a project or "No tags" if there are no tags assigned to that project:

You can easily organize your tags from within a project. Just open one of your projects and tap over the tags field:

The screen to edit the tags will show you the list of all tags available for all your projects:

You can create new tags here, by tapping the + icon at the right top of the screen:

You can delete or edit a tag by swiping your finger to left over a tag:

You can also tap over the name of the tag to enter the edition mode:

Finally, you can also select tags to assign them to the project you are in by selecting the button to the left of each tag:

These tags will be assigned to your project and show on the main screen:

There is still no way to filter and organize projects by tags, but we want to add these functions in the future. Thanks for your patience.

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