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How do I restore a backup?

Story Planner saves Automatic Backups, but you can also create a manual backup at any time.

Your backups are stored in an iCloud Drive folder or in a local folder on your device. You can access it through the option "Open Backups Location" in the app settings. You can change the location of your backups and make a copy on another folder if you want. You will be able to restore your backups from any location on your device.

How to restore a backup

To restore a backup, you need to open the app settings:

Scroll to "Backups" and tap "Restore Backup":

A new window of the Files app will be displayed if you are on iPhone or iPad, or Finder if you are on Mac. You will have to navigate to iCloud Drive> Story Planner> Backups or to the folder where you have saved your backups if you do not use iCloud Drive:

All backups show a date or time, so you know when they were created. Choose the backup with the date that matches the last changes you want to recover and tap on it. Wait a few seconds for the app to restore the backup.

Please always choose a backup with a size over 0KB to make sure it contains any information.

Important note!

When you restore a backup, the data within that backup will replace all your actual projects. Please make sure you want these changes or create a manual backup before any restoration. It is essential in case you want to go back to your actual projects if you are not happy with the changes.

If I use iCloud Drive, are all my backups on all my devices?

If you work with more than one device and sync your backups with iCloud, automatic backups will be created on a device whenever you make changes, but they will be available to access from any of your devices via iCloud Drive. Note that you must have iCloud Sync enabled and an Internet connection to access all your backups from any of your devices.

Some backups show an icon of a cloud at the top. That means that the backup is stored in your iCloud account and not on the device. Do not worry. You can recover the backup anyway. Just tap it and wait for it to download. Once the backup is on your device, the app will restore it.

Happy Outlining!