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Working with Tags (Characters, Locations, Plots and Scenes)

Note: To see how to specifically manage the tags in the projects list, please read Working with Project Tags.

All the items you can create in a project (characters, locations, plots, scenes) can be organized by tags. Inside the item card you will see a section where you can create and assign tags: 

You can create as many tags as you want by clicking the + button at the right top of the screen. The tags you create in a project (for example, character tags) belong only to that project.

You can edit or delete any tag. Just swipe your finger to the left over the tag you want to delete or edit (right-click on the mouse if you are in Mac). You can also tap over the tag text to edit it. 

Once you have all your tags organized, remember you can easily filter the lists with the search and filter bar. For more information, read How to Search, Filter and Organize by Tags.